My focus at Romilly Walks is to not only give your dog a jam-packed hour of fun and exercise, but to also fully engage their minds, so at the end of the walk, your dog is returned to you happy and content.

Dogs require physical and mental stimulation just like humans do. It will not only improve their long-term health and fitness, but will also help to prevent any destructive behavioural issues displayed by dogs such as chewing or excess barking, which are often the result of isolation, boredom and insufficient exercise.  By giving your dogs regular outdoor adventures, you will also be helping them to socialise, which is an essential requirement for their mental wellbeing. This will all result in a much happier, healthier and less stressed out dog! 

I will always vary the walking routes in order to introduce them to new terrain (woodland, sandy beaches, fields, parks, water) and always encourage them to actively play games such as 'Fetch' and 'Seek' which incorporates basic commands.                      

I take a pro-active leadership role when out on a walk to gain their trust and respect, through interacting and engaging with them. By doing this, they will always look to me for guidance and reassurance when needed.

  • New dogs are always kept on-lead until I can access their recall level and am satisfied that we have bonded. 

  • Dogs are only let off lead in safe areas, away from traffic.

  • I will only ever walk a group of 2-4 dogs together. I do not pack 'em in and let 'em loose. My aim is to find dogs their most suitable playmates so they can get the most out of their walks. I will never walk dogs together that don't get on.

  • My attention and focus will always be 100% on your dog/s. I will never be chatting away on a mobile 

  • All dogs in my care will spend a small proportion of their walk on-lead to incorporate structure into the routine as well as the freedom to explore. 

  • I do not ‘dump’ dogs back into their homes after the walk, but spend time settling them in, refreshing their water bowl, give treats where required, and of course, being that we live in Wales, I make sure they are dried!