Whilst many dogs (with the correct amount of exercise and stimulation) can adapt well to their owners working schedule, there are those out there who are either overwhelmingly motivated to be with people or who have much higher energy levels than their owners have time to physically meet.  

A dog whose personality falls into either of these categories can experience separation anxiety when left often alone for long periods, which can lead to stress, as well as destructive and self-injurious behaviour. 

Here's how I can help!

Perhaps you are out all day, and just require a half hour to an hour home visit, including a toilet break, some cuddles and playtime and an on lead walk to stretch their legs?

Maybe you've planned to go somewhere for the day/evening and can't bear the thought of leaving your best friend home alone? 


  • I will always treat your pet as if they were own. 
  • I'm fully insured for both your dog and house key, and can provide references from current clients. 
  • My attention as always will be on your dog/s. If you've booked me for an hour visit, then it'll be 60 minutes of playtime, love and reassurance. If you've booked me for a half/full day then your dog is in for an overload of fun and affection!
  • I will always abide by your house rules. Shoes off? Sure thing. 
  • I will be the only person to ever walk or sit your dog. I would never sub-contract the responsibility of your beloved pet and home to a stranger.
  • I will send you pictures/videos to keep you updated if you're away all day. 
  • For more information please send me a message below and i'll get right back to you!