The first few months with your new puppy are full of wonderful memories, but they can also be chaotic and time consuming.  Often, the most stressful part of getting a puppy is the thought of leaving them home alone during the day whilst you're out or at work. During this time, they will be shaping their personality and general temperament so it's important for them to experience lots of loving and positive interactions. 

Puppies require small bursts of physical activity and play, as well as lots of sleep! They need to be frequently fed and cleaned up after if they're still toilet training. By providing them with 1-2 mini visits during the day, you can relax knowing that a good routine is being put in place and will help to build them into a confident and happy dog. Once vaccinated, they can also be taken out for short walks, establishing good behaviours and socialisation as well as physical and mental stimulation. 

Puppy visits include:

  • Lots of cuddles and playtime (indoor or in an enclosed garden)

  • Water bowl refreshed/replenished

  • A feed if required

  • An on-lead walk when vaccinations have been cleared. Starting at 10 minutes and increasing to 30 as they grow. They will only be allowed off lead once recall has been firmly established and I'm confident we have bonded.

  • Any clean-up's/change of puppy pads

  • Work on basic commands.